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Safelist Advertising

Referral Frenzy

Referral Frenzy is a safelist organizer and automated safelist mailer. After setup, you will be able to send your ad messages to 95 to 110 safelist mailers with a total of approximately 250,000 members!

Plus, it will keep track of your last mailing to each safelist. You will receive a notice if you try to mail before the set time. Message will only be sent out to the safelists that are due for mailing. Visit Referral Frenzy for details.



Massive Exposure! Your ads get viewed on more than 1,660 websites. This means you will reach several different audiences with #1ProfitRing.

When any of your referrals sign up and go Premium, you get 97% on the sale and a $10 Super Bonus!


The Safelist Organizer

Prepare to put your safelist marketing into TURBO mode!

Join now and get a 2-week trial. After that, it's only $2 per month to continue. Compare this with the $19 to $40 charged by competitors!

This is a no-brainer. Click here to get started right now!